5 Best Wine in the World

It can be really a hard task to pick the best wine for yourself or something like a dinner party, there can be a variety of bottles lining up on the shelves and you might just find it easy to pick the same brand over and over, although variety is always the key when hosting, to save you from this struggle, this article has listed some five best wines in the world that you can choose from.

Pinot Grigio

This is one of the world’s best wines, it is basically from Italy, and it is dry and easy to drink, many people around the world refer to it by different names, some call it pinot gris and others call it Rulander. Their styles vary, this is because their styles depending on the areas that the two wines are grown (pinot grigio and pinot gris).


Most countries around the world have planted this grape, the U.S not being left out, however, many people also love and hate it as well, and this is due to the difference in ways which the wine with chardonnay grape is produced. One is produced by aging it in oak together with malolactic fermentation while the other does not require malolactic fermentation and is aged in a stainless steel. The latter process produces very clean wine and does not have battery taste. There are
summer desserts for parties made with this wine.

Pinot noir

Pinot noir has a soft feeling and is very fruity, hence pleases many people, especially those who love red wine, they have different flavors which depend on the place that it was made from.


When the grape skins that are red are left to be in contact with wine then rose wines are formed. This wine has gained great popularity due to its ability to perfectly match with almost everything. They have a variety of flavors which include the strawberry flavor, citrus, and lemon.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grown in every region that grows wine, it has several flavors as well, when taking red meat; it is the best wine to take.